Reliasil was designed by Orochem Technologies specifically to yield high plate count. We use a proprietary type A silica manufacturing process which yields a Gaussian particle distribution, narrow pore-size distribution, and strong resistance to high pH. The result is a material that is perfect for packing high-efficiency columns for general utility.

Manufactured by Orochem Technologies, Inc., Reliasil is an oligomerically derivatized silica gel. It is preferred by many chromatographers for its chemical stability and effectiveness in the reversed phase separations of peptides, pharmaceuticals, and derivatized amino acids

Phenyl-Hexyl stationary phase is made by bonding phenyl groups to the silica surface via a 6-carbon tether. The result is a stationary phase balanced between aromatic and hydrophobic selectivity. This phase is particularly good for separating aromatic hydrocarbons.

Polychrome stationary phase is reverse phase, and has multiple binding mechanisms. This phase is particularly good for separating (steroids) isomers, and retaining highly hydrophilic compounds.

Particle Size (µ) Pore Size A Surface Area m2/g Pore Volume cm3/g Carbon Load PH Range
3µm, 5µm, 10µm 90A0 190m2/g 0.55 2-8.5


ADVANCED CHROMATOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. is an instrument representation company in India, distributing the products of various foreign manufactures specializing in CHROMATOGRAPHY Instrumentation.

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