ACI Cyano Column

ACI Cyano Column

The ACI Cyano columns are bonded on high purity 100 Angstron silica of 5micron particle size
ACI Cyano columns are designed for separation of mono and disaccharides molecule applications.
The Cyano columns give superior separations in reversed-phase mode with excellent reproducibility
It can also be used aqueous normal phase mode applications (suitable for L8 USP Silica matrix)
High purity and spherical Functionality Cyanopropyl

Particle Size (µ) Pore Size A Surface Area m2/g Pore Volume cm3/g Carbon Load PH Range
3.5, 5,10um 100°A 180m2/g 4.2% 2-8.5


ADVANCED CHROMATOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. is an instrument representation company in India, distributing the products of various foreign manufactures specializing in CHROMATOGRAPHY Instrumentation.

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