Features of Inspire™ C18 & C8 Columns

• Rapid separations with outstanding resolution
• Advanced bonding technologies
• High efficiency and outstanding lifetime
• Excellent separation characteristics over wide pH range
• Superior batch-to-batch reproducibility
• Choose from a variety of phases and hardware formats

Inspire™ columns are engineered with high purity raw silica, proprietary bonding techniques, tightly controlled manufacturing processes, and column packing procedures that provide today’s chromatographic laboratories with HPLC columns of unrivaled performance.

Superior Batch-to-batch Reproducibility
Reproducibility is essential for the selection of a HPLC column. Today’s chemists often need to establish new analytical methods to evaluate the latest pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products. The column they select has to provide the same chromatographic results over the entire lifespan of the new drug product. Chemists doing QA / QC also need a well-producible column, which ensures the accuracy of analytical results and high productivity of chromatographic laboratories. Inspire™ reverse phase columns undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure long-term reproducibility, letting you increase your laboratory’s productivity and allowing for easier method transfer between labs.

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ADVANCED CHROMATOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. is an instrument representation company in India, distributing the products of various foreign manufactures specializing in CHROMATOGRAPHY Instrumentation.

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