Cytochrome Procaine
Amino Acids by precolumn Derivatisation with OPA/3MPA D, L FMOCAspartic Acid Proteins from endothelial. Cell Culture
Analysis of D,L Amino Acids Dicyandiamide Quinine (Acidic)
Amino Acids by precolumn Derivatisation with FMOC/ADAM Doxepin Quinine (pH=7)
30Methyldopa Doxepine Red Wine
4Butylbenzoic Acid GalloylGlucose (Isomers) Sorbitol (Stability Polyamine)
4Octylbenzoic Acid Garlic Dragees Sorbitol and Sugars
Acetylsalicylic Acid Glutathione Stability
Alkaloids GPCOrganic Steroids
Allantoin HighSpeed HPLC Sugaralcohols
Allicin Ibuprofen Sugars (ReproGelNa)
Amino Acids by precolumn Derivatisation with DABSCI Lactoglobuline Sugars (ReproGelPb)
Amino Acids with Sulfur Lactose Sugars (ReproSil Polyamin)
Amitriptylin Native Amino Acids Sugars (Stability Polyamine)
Anesthetic Nicotine (Acidic) Sugars and Alcohols
Aniones with Suppressor Nicotine (ph=7) Superspher
Anions and Cations Nortriptyline Synchropak
Anions with indirect UV Oligonucleotides (prep.) tCinnamic Acid
Anthocyanes Organic Acids (ReproGelH) Uric acid
Antibiotics Organic Acids (ReproSilPur C18AQ Vanilla Extract
AntiConvulsants PAHs (EPA 610) Verapamil
Antidepressiva Paracetamol Vitamin B12
Antioxidants Peptide Vitamin C
Antipileptica Peptide from ßMyosin Vitamins (fat soluble)
Bacitracin Peptide Hormones Vitamins (water soluble)
Benzodiazepine Peptides from BSADigest Warfarin
BSA Pesticides (UreaDerivates) Wine
BusulfanDerivative Pesticides1 Acetylsalicylic acid
Caffeine (Fluofix) Pesticides2 ADVANCED
Carbidopa Pharmaca Alprazolam
Catechine (Fluofix) Pharmaceuticals Alprenolol
Catechins Phenol Aminoclonazepam
Catecholamine3 from microdialysis Polyphenols from Fruit Juice + Wine Aminoflunitrazepam
Catecholamines1 PolyphenolsAnthocyans from Juices Amitriptyline
Catecholamines2 Polystyrols Angiotension II
Corticoides Poros Carbamates
Creatine /Creatinine Porphyrins EngelhardtTest
Creatinine Porphyrins (from Excrements) Morphine+Derivates
CreatinMonohydrate Prednisolon testing compounds


ADVANCED CHROMATOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. is an instrument representation company in India, distributing the products of various foreign manufactures specializing in CHROMATOGRAPHY Instrumentation.

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